Distinguishing The Quality Of China Green Tea

Update:06 Nov 2020

  Tea lovers that love China green tea are more and more indiscriminate about China's green tea on the market. But as long as you keep in mind the following points, you will not be afraid of fraud by tea merchants.

  The quality of China's green tea is quite different, which can be distinguished by the appearance of China's green tea, the tea soup, and the bottom of the leaves.

  Fresh China green tea and stale China green tea: The appearance of fresh China green tea is bright green and shiny, with a strong tea fragrance; the tea soup made is green in color, with a fresh fragrance, orchid fragrance, cooked chestnut fragrance, etc., and the taste is sweet Mellow and refreshing, the bottom of the leaf is bright and green.

  The appearance of the stale China green tea is yellowish and dull, dull, and has a low aroma, such as blowing hot air on the tea, the leaves are yellow and dry in the wet place, and they smell cold; the tea soup is dark yellow, although the taste is mellow it is not refreshing, and the bottom of the leaf is not bright enough.

  Spring tea, summer tea, and autumn tea: Spring tea has strong and plump buds and leaves, dark green in color, moisturizing, tightly knotted, and thick; the tea soup made is strong, sweet, and refreshing, with a strong aroma and soft and bright leaf bottom. The appearance of summer tea is coarse and loose, with mixed colors and distinct woody leaf buds; the tea soup is astringent, with a hard leaf base, revealing veins and mixed with copper-green leaves.

  The appearance of autumn tea is tight, thin, silky, light, and green in color; the tea soup made is light in color, the soup tastes calm, slightly sweet, the aroma is soft, the leaf base is soft, and it is copper-colored monolithic.

  High mountain China green tea and peaceful land China green tea: High mountain China green tea has a thick appearance, green color, and rich luster; the tea soup made has a bright green color, long-lasting aroma, strong taste, bright leaf bottom, and soft leaf texture.

  Flatland China green tea has a thin, thin, thin, thin, yellow-green color; the tea soup made is light in color, flat in aroma, mellow in taste, hard in leaf, and veins are revealed.

  Summary: A good storage of good tea is one of the homework that tea lovers must do. Many teas that can be stored for a long time can reflect its fragrance. Therefore, if you love tea, you must first collect it, which is important.