Green Tea Factory Introduces The Brewing Method Of Green Tea

Update:29 Jan 2021

  There are two methods for making green tea:

  The first is the upper casting method, which is suitable for high-end famous green tea with a tight appearance, that is, first pour hot water at 75-85 degrees Celsius into the cup.

  The second is the drop method. Put the tea leaves first and then pour hot water of around 85 degrees, which is suitable for ordinary green tea.

  The correct drinking of green tea can make the taste better and drink more healthy. There is a certain degree of particularity in making tea, especially the water temperature.

  General green tea brewing methods and matters needing attention:

  When brewing green tea, the water temperature is controlled at about 80℃~90℃. For brewing green tea powder, just brew it with warm water at 40℃~60℃. The serving size is 2 grams of green tea powder with 450 milliliters of boiled water.

  Don't drink the first bubble of brewing tea. After making hot water, shake it and discard it.

  Before drinking tea, it is usually guided by smelling the fragrance and then sipping the tea in order to appreciate the taste of the tea. Take a sip, let the tea soup reverberate in your mouth, make full contact with the taste buds, then slowly swallow, and use the tip of your tongue against the roots of the teeth and inhale to taste the sweetness of the tea.

  According to the green tea factory, when green tea is first brewed, 50%-60% of soluble substances are leached, of which 80% of amino acids are leached, caffeine is 70%, tea polyphenols is about 45%, and soluble sugars are less than 40%; in the second bubble, about 30% of the soluble substance is leached; in the third bubble, only about 10% of the soluble substance is leached; in the fourth bubble, there are not many extracts left.