How To Drink Green Tea

Update:18 Nov 2022

  In life, the most common is green tea. Simple tea bags simply brew some with boiling water. Can help people anti-aging, inhibit disease, lower fat, and other effects. So how do you drink green tea? Can you still drink it overnight? What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking green tea? Let's take a look at Zhenan Green Tea Factory.

  1. Most of the active ingredients in green tea are extracted in the largest amount after the first brewing, and the full amount is reached after three brewings. Therefore, general green tea is brewed three times. Very delicate high-grade tea is usually brewed twice.

  2. Tips for brewing green tea: Do not let the green tea soak for a long time. Immediately after brewing, pour the tea soup from the tea set into the teacup for tea drinking to preserve the tea flavor. When brewing green tea, it is advisable to use less tea and more water to reduce irritation. Do not drink overnight tea.

  3. Drinking warm green tea has the effect of dissipating heat quickly and reducing heat.

  4. Green tea can stimulate the central nervous system and invigorate the spirit. It is recommended to drink green tea in the morning so as not to affect sleep.

  5. Young people with acne and pimples can drink green tea and add a little honeysuckle and raw licorice at the same time.

  6. Green tea can reduce fat and help digestion, but it should not be used as a slimming tea. Drinking 3 to 4 cups per day is enough. Excessive drinking of tea will cause rapid pulse, sweating, and restlessness. Although chunmee tea is good, don't be greedy.

  7. Do not use tea to deliver the medicine; do not drink tea within 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. Ginseng and American ginseng should not be eaten with tea. It is not advisable to drink tea before meals; do not drink tea immediately after meals.