How To Make China Green Tea In A Purple Clay Pot

Update:11 Dec 2020

   Many tea lovers like to make China green tea in a purple clay pot, which is not only convenient and good taste but also enjoys the fun of raising a pot. If you want to use a purple clay pot to make tea, there is a key step, "warm pot"!

   Why do I need a warm spot?

   Carefully blanch the inside of the pot, the wall, and the lid of the pot, so that the whole pot can fully enjoy the shower with boiling water and wake up the pot. This can make the subsequent brewing process smoother and more conducive to stimulating tea!

  The specific warm pot process is as follows:

   1. Open the lid first. Press the left thumb, index finger, and middle finger on the pot button, uncover the pot lid and place the pot lid on the tea tray

  2, water injection. Hold the pot in the right hand and pour it in a counterclockwise direction, so that the water flows along with the mouth of the teapot, then flush the water into the teapot from a high place, and pour it down when the amount of water is 1/2 of the teapot.

  3. Take the tea towel with both hands and place it on the fingers of the left hand, and put the teapot on the tea towel with the right hand. Turn both hands counterclockwise to make all parts of the teapot fully contact the boiling water.

   Now everyone knows how to warm the pot! Don't feel troublesome, a good cup of tea is always worth the wait.