It Turns Out That Chunmee Tea Is So Nutritious!

Update:15 Jan 2021

  Perhaps in the eyes of many people, chunmee tea is just a cup of tea, nothing special. The season of chunmee tea is coming soon. Today I will share an article for you to elaborate on the goodness of chunmee tea.

  The most nutritious

  Chunmee tea has the strongest accumulation of nutrients. Tea trees have been recuperating and rejuvenating in the autumn and winter of the previous year because the organisms in the autumn and winter are in a state of accumulation and energy storage.

  Also, the temperature in spring continues to maintain a low-temperature state, while maintaining sufficient nutrients for the tea trees, it consumes very little, so that the nutrients in the chunmee tea are more abundant. The appearance is fat and strong buds and leaves, green in color and soft in leaf quality.

  Chunmee tea has the highest amino acid content

  Amino acids are not only a decisive factor in the taste of tea but also an important substance needed by the human body. However, amino acids will decompose when exposed to high temperatures. While the amino acids are produced in tea, they are also rapidly decomposed under sunlight.

  Due to the low temperature in spring and the large temperature difference between morning and evening, daytime and night, the decomposition rate of amino acids is much lower than the rate at which they cannot be produced. This makes the accumulation of amino acids in chunmee tea, which is the richest and highest content of tea in a year.

  Chunmee tea has the most vitamin content

  Tea is rich in vitamins, not only in large quantities but also in many types. Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K, etc., most of the indispensable vitamins for the human body, are stored in tea.

  But vitamins will be destroyed when exposed to high temperature, especially vitamin C, which will decompose when the temperature changes slightly. Therefore, the storage and protection of vitamins are particularly important. Chunmee tea can effectively protect these vitamins due to its high temperature, long growth period, and low temperature in the growing environment. This ensures that chunmee tea has the highest vitamin content and the best protection.

  Chunmee tea meets the human body’s needs for "spring growth and summer growth"

  The ancients believed that the four seasons' influence on life is mainly manifested in the growth, growth, transformation, harvest, and storage, that is, spring growth, summer growth, autumn harvest, and winter storage. What is Chunsheng? It refers to the occurrence, growth, and vitality. It is the period when the human body has the strongest vitality throughout the year.

  In terms of diet, due to the rise of Yang Qi in spring, the body's metabolism begins to increase. In addition to "saving acid and increasing sweetness and nourishing temper", chunmee tea comes from nature and has the vitality of the new year. Drink chunmee tea appropriately. It is in harmony with the upward life management of chunmee tea itself, which is conducive to the human body to breathe the old and absorb the new and adopt the true qi. Also, the color, fragrance, and taste of chunmee tea give people a pleasant and relaxing feeling. The ancients have long since concluded that re-cultivation in spring will ensure a year’s health. In this guarantee, chunmee tea is indispensable.

  The scent of chunmee tea gathers to make people feel long and lasting

  Flowers "live" because of their fragrance, and tea "expensive" because of their fragrance. The aroma of tea leaves is determined by the substances contained in the tea itself. At present, more than 700 aroma substances have been isolated from tea, including alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, vinegar, nitrogen, and so on.

  The content of these aroma substances in tea is very low, easily volatilized, and unstable. When exposed to sunlight and high temperature, they are prone to oxidation, condensation, polymerization, and gene transfer reactions. In the early spring when we just bid farewell to the midwinter, the temperature is not high and the aroma substances are kept in a good environment.

  Chunmee tea tastes the freshest

  It is tea polyphenols, amino acids, and some finger substances that affect the taste. Chunmee tea contains higher amino acids, and amino acids determine the fresh and pure taste of chunmee tea. Therefore, the fresh taste of chunmee tea is unmatched by other seasons.

  The benefits of drinking chunmee tea are numerous. The color of chunmee tea, the fragrance of chunmee tea, the taste of chunmee tea, and the charm of chunmee tea can only be experienced by drinking. In spring, the flowers are gorgeous, and the fragrance of tea is the most beautiful.