My Throat Is Dry After Drinking Pu'er-cooked Tea, Why Is This?

Update:24 Feb 2022

  It is a beautiful thing to make a good cup of tea on a winter afternoon and drink it carefully, but after swallowing a sip of the tea soup, the throat will feel dry, which is not very good. Could it be that the tea is poisonous? Actually for these reasons.

  1. Quality of cooked tea

  During the fermentation process of Pu Erh tea, if the water quantity and temperature are not well controlled, the quality of the fermented cooked tea is likely to be poor. Drinking inferior cooked Pu'er tea will cause dry throat, as well as a musty and sour taste.

  2. Warehousing

  There are two types of Pu'er ripe tea storage: dry warehouse and wet warehouse. The dry storage environment is clean and the temperature is moderate, the tea leaves have a sense of vitality, the shape is firm, the color is fresh, and there is no musty smell. The wet warehouse environment is humid, the tea leaves have no sense of vitality, the appearance is loose, the color is dull, and there is green mold on the surface of the interlayer of the tea leaves. Wet warehouse tea is artificially humidified and stored, to speed up the transformation of tea, it will cause the tea to become moldy.

  3. Chen Qi

  The freshly prepared cooked tea will feel dry after drinking it within three years. This is a normal manifestation because, during the stacking process, high temperature and high humidity are rapidly transformed, and the tea properties become hot and dry. Directly drinking the freshly made Pu'er ripe tea, the dryness is more obvious. After three years of Chen Fang, the dryness will weaken until disappear, and the tea will become mild.

  4. Physical factors

  If the body is very easy to get angry, like greasy and spicy food, and then drink cooked tea with a short aging period, the throat will feel dry. If you have a hot constitution, tea friends who are easy to get angry will also have a dry throat after drinking freshly cooked tea.

  Therefore, the tea quality, storage, aging period, and our factors of Pu'er cooked tea will all lead to the dry throat after drinking Pu'er cooked tea.