The Taboo Of Drinking Chunmee Tea

Update:20 Nov 2020

  The chunmee tea that occupies the most market share in my country must be chunmee tea, which is the tea with the most production and the widest range of drinking in my country. Chunmee tea is made by picking new leaves or buds of tea trees and undergoing processes such as de-greening, shaping, and drying. Because chunmee tea is not fermented, it retains more nutrients, including tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. The role of chunmee tea has the following aspects:

  1. Prevent cancer. The tea polyphenols in chunmee tea can block the synthesis of carcinogens such as nitrite in the body, kill cancer cells and improve the body's immunity, and the tea polyphenols in chunmee tea have a positive effect on the prevention of gastric cancer, bowel cancer, and other cancers.

  2. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The tea polyphenols in chunmee tea have obvious inhibitory and killing effects on pathogens and viruses.

  3. Delay in aging. The ester polysaccharides and sucrose contained in chunmee tea can help the body resist radiation and avoid radiation damage; the catechol in chunmee tea can scavenge free radicals, protect cell membranes, and delay skin aging.

  4. Promote digestion. The caffeine in chunmee tea can increase the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion.

  5. Refresh. The caffeine in chunmee tea can stimulate the body's central nervous system, increase the excitement process of the cerebral cortex, play a refreshing effect, and also have a certain relief effects on migraine.

  6. Lose weight. Chunmee tea itself is low in calories and rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the accumulation of body fat and achieve the goal of weight loss.

  7. Mouthguards improve eyesight. Chunmee tea contains fluorine, which can effectively inhibit the reduction of calcium, and has a good effect on the prevention of dental caries and tooth protection; also, the vitamin C in chunmee tea can reduce the turbidity of eye crystals, reduce eye diseases, and protect eyes. , Has a positive effect.

  Most people can drink chunmee tea, but people with a cold stomach should not drink it or drink less to avoid aggravating stomach discomfort. Iron-deficiency anemia and people taking iron supplements should not drink it, because chunmee tea may affect the absorption of iron. Do not drink chunmee tea when you make the first tea, because the first tea may contain impurities or unclean things, such as dust. Do not add sugar when you drink chunmee tea. Chunmee tea is good for health, but if you drink with sugar, the effect is not good and it will lead to obesity.