Tips For Drinking Tea After The Beginning Of Summer

Update:17 Jun 2022

  Although it's just the beginning of summer, I can already feel the heat of summer.

  People often drink cold drinks to cool off the heat. Drinking tea can also play a role in relieving heat, and drinking tea are more beneficial than drinking ordinary beverages. Each tea has different effects and is suitable for different groups of people.

  How to drink tea in summer?

  Prevent heat stroke by drinking white tea

  Hot summer and high-temperature weather are a season of heat stroke for people who often go out to work and play. White tea is the "artifact of summer heat" in this season.

  The white tea that has been slightly fermented through processes such as fixing and drying has a cool and refreshing nature. In addition, tea is rich in amino acids, which have the effect of removing heat and relieving heat, and can prevent heat stroke. The aged white tea can also be used as an antipyretic for children suffering from measles, which has a very high health care effect.

  Drinking taboos: White tea is cold. It is not suitable for those with a cold constitution and a cold stomach. It is not recommended to drink it, but you can drink a little old white tea appropriately; the elderly should not drink too much.

  Refresh your stomach and drink black tea

  In summer, people are prone to drowsiness, and their energy is very poor. They are often drowsy and very tired.

  The caffeine-rich in black tea can stimulate the nerve center, speed up blood circulation, promote metabolism, refresh the mind and eliminate fatigue.

  It is rich in polyphenols, carbohydrates, amino acids, pectin, etc., which can stimulate the secretion of saliva, make you feel moisturizing in the mouth, and also produce a cooling feeling. The caffeine in black tea can also control the hypothalamus body temperature center, adjust the body temperature, and make the body feel cool and comfortable.

  Because the weather is hot, many people also like to drink cold drinks, eat ice cream, and eat cold food, which can easily hurt the spleen and stomach, and black tea is hot and has the effect of warming the stomach and protecting the stomach. Therefore, summer is also very suitable for drinking black tea.

  Drinking taboo: drink black tea in summer, it is best to drink it hot, it has the effect of warming the stomach

  Sunscreen and radiation protection drink green tea

  In summer, sun protection is a huge "project". In addition to applying sunscreen, you can also drink green tea for sun protection.

  The catechins contained in green tea have strong antioxidant functions, which can reduce sunburn and damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin.

  At the same time, green tea also has the effect of anti-radiation. For office workers who face the computer all day, it is best to drink green tea for anti-radiation.

  Drinking taboos: The elderly and people with bad stomachs should not drink strong green tea; in addition, remember not to drink green tea on an empty stomach, which will seriously damage the stomach.

  Drink Pu'er tea for digestion and tiredness

  The hot weather makes people's stomachs very squeamish, either they have a bad appetite or they are prone to indigestion.

  The caffeine and flavonol compounds in Pu-erh tea can increase the peristalsis of the digestive tract, help the digestion of food, and achieve the effect of digestion and relieving greasy.

  The best time to drink Pu’er tea is to drink a cup of cooked Pu’er before meals to nourish the stomach; after meals, you can drink a cup of raw Pu’er to remove fat.

  Drinking taboos: Whether it is cooked or raw, pregnant women should not drink too much Pu'er tea; at the same time, patients with ulcerative colitis should not drink Pu'er strong tea; people with bad stomachs can drink some cooked Pu'er appropriately.