What Are The Health Care Functions Of Pu Erh Tea

Update:21 May 2021

  Tea is indispensable in life. Some people say that drinking tea can cultivate one's health and make a person mature and stable, but now many people choose to drink tea because drinking tea can maintain health.

  Pu erh Tea is one of the hot-selling products in the tea market. Why do so many people drink Pu erh Tea? Is Pu erh Tea's key protection function particularly good?

  1. Puerh Tea has the health function of warming the stomach: since tea was discovered and used by humans, the most important thing is that it has many health benefits. Scientific research shows that Puerh Tea has the same functions as other teas, but modern research has confirmed that it has more prominent effects in the following aspects: nourishing and protecting the stomach.

  At an appropriate concentration, drinking peaceful Puerh Tea does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract. The thick, smooth, and mellow Puerh Tea enter the human intestines and stomach to form a membrane that adheres to the surface of the stomach, creating a beneficial protective layer for the stomach. Long-term drinking of Puerh Tea can nourish and protect the stomach.

  2. Puerh Tea has the effect of reducing smoke toxicity: the alkaloid derivatives in Puerh Tea juice can eliminate nicotine in the human body and inhibit the mutation of cells into cancer. Achieve the effect of eliminating tobacco poison.

  3. Anti-radiation: Tea polyphenols are one of the main components of Puerh Tea. Its anti-oxidation and anti-radiation capabilities have long been valued by the nutrition and medical circles. Experiments show that the effect of 10μg/ml tea polyphenols is equivalent to the effect of 200μg/ml vitamin E.

  In the experiment, rats were fed with polyphenols extracted from tea, and then treated with a lethal dose of radioactive strontium 90 (90Sr). The results found that tea can absorb about 90% of it, and the absorption time is shorter than the time for the isotope to reach the bone marrow, which greatly reduces the risk of the body's absorption of such substances.

  4. Can prevent dental caries: Pu erh Tea can inhibit an enzyme secreted by cariogenic bacteria in the oral cavity so that the cariogenic bacteria cannot adhere to the surface of the teeth. At the same time, the tea polyphenols in Puerh Tea leaves also have the effect of killing cariogenic bacteria; Pu The fluorine in erh Tea leaves can combine with the calcium of the teeth to become a kind of "fluorapatite" which is more insoluble in acid, which can make the enamel of the teeth stronger and improve the ability of the teeth to resist acid and caries. , Thus playing an anti-caries effect.

  5. Pu erh Tea's eyesight protection function: Pu erh Tea tea contains a lot of rich vitamins. According to research, vitamin C, vitamin B2, and vitamin E play a certain role in improving eyesight. Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 are effective in preventing cataracts; Vitamin A can participate in the rhodopsin regeneration of rod-shaped cells in the retina of the eye, thereby maintaining normal visual function.

  Eyewashing with PuerhTea tea decoction can treat ulcerative blepharitis, and PuerhTea tea can also treat eye diseases such as acute conjunctivitis. The lens in the eye has a higher demand for vitamin C than other tissues. Ophthalmologists believe that insufficient intake of vitamin C can easily lead to lens opacity and cataracts.

  Vitamin B2 and vitamin E have nutritional effects on the retina and optic nerve of the fundus, and can enhance permeability. The carotene contained in Puerh Tea tea can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Therefore, drinking Puerh Tea can play a purposeful role.

  6. Anti-toxin and sterilization: The good medicine for detoxification can be traced back to the ancient Shennong era (about before BC). Wild Puerh Tea trees were discovered in my country, and Puerh Tea was used as an antidote. There is a saying that "Shen Nong tastes all kinds of herbs, uses seventy-two poisons every day, and obtains tea to solve them". This is described in "Historical Records·Three Emperors", "Huainanzi·Xiuwu Xun", "Materia Medica Yanyi" and other books All recorded. The "tea" in this is the current Puerh Tea. Pu erh Tea can detoxify, not only has it been verified by pharmacists of the past generations, but it is also used as an antidote.

  7. Prevent and treat constipation and improve digestion: Especially for habitual delayed constipation, because Puerh Tea has an astringent effect, it can make intestinal activities more active. Puerh Tea can also strongly promote gastric secretion and help Digestion and smoothness, so drink Puerh Tea before and after each meal, so that it can improve laxatives and reduce the threat of constipation.

  8. Puerh Tea's key protection function is mainly to prevent cancer: the tea polyphenols, tea pigments, caffeine and polyphenol sugars in Puerh Tea are all biochemical anti-cancer ingredients, which can prevent cancer and fight cancer. The mechanism is as follows: Tea polyphenols effectively inhibit and block the nitrosation reaction, reduce the content of nitrosamines in the body, and inhibit the production of carcinogens; adjust the metabolic process of carcinogens.

  Improve the activity of detoxification enzymes; directly interact with the electrophilic final carcinogenic metabolites to reduce cancer induction; inhibit the covalent binding of oncogenes to DNA and reduce covalent DNA; tea extracts can directly kill cancerous cells; the caffeine of tea can directly induce apoptosis of cancer cells, so drinking Puerh Tea can help people prevent and fight cancer, which is very beneficial to human health.

  9. Anti-inflammation, sterilization, and treatment of dysentery: The research and clinical experiments in the medical field have proved that Yunnan Puerh Tea has an antibacterial effect, and strong tea juice is taken ten times a day can treat bacillary dysentery. The tea polyphenols are directly related.

  Pu erh Tea contains many physiologically active ingredients, which have the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The relevant experts used Pu erh Tea to test the ability to inhibit the adhesion of Proteococcus and found that Pu erh Tea has the effect of anti-plaque formation. The best effect is when the concentration is 1%.