What Are The Production Methods Of Green Tea Maojian?

Update:21 Oct 2022

  Maojian is a relatively common type of tea. The whole body of the tea is covered with Pekoe. What are the methods of making Maojian? ZheNan Green Tea Factory introduces:

  1. Screening: Classify and grade the picked fresh leaves according to different varieties, different grades, and different picking times, remove foreign objects and spread them separately.

  2. Spreading: Turn the screened fresh leaves lightly once every 1 hour or so. The indoor temperature is below 25°C, and it is protected from sunlight. Wait for the blue air to dissipate.

  3. Fix the green leaves: The moisture content of the green leaves is controlled at about 60%. The sign green leaves are dark green, the leaves are soft and slightly sticky when squeezed by hand, and the green gas disappears, and the leaves are slightly sticky. fragrant.

  4. Kneading: the kneading time is controlled at 10-15 minutes for high-grade tea and 20-25 minutes for medium and low-grade tea. Appropriate pressure should be applied according to the age of the leaves. The surface of the rolled leaves should be sticky with tea juice, and sticky after being held by hand. Wet feeling.

  5. Deblocking: For mechanical deblocking, a tea deblocking machine suitable for producing famous green tea should be used to dissolve the rolled leaves.

  6. Stripping: The mechanical equipment should use a stripping machine suitable for making famous and high-quality strip green tea. The stripping time should not be too long, the temperature should be controlled at 90 ~ 100 ℃, and the number of leaves should not be too much. The number of leaves should be 0.5 ~ 0.75 kg, The time is about 5 minutes.

  7. Primary drying: The mechanical equipment should use a mesh belt type or chain plate type continuous dryer suitable for producing famous green tea. According to the quality of the tea leaves, the primary drying temperature and the air inlet should be controlled at 120 to 130 °C for 10 to 15 minutes. 15 to 20% is appropriate.

  8. Let it cool down: Put the tea leaves after the initial drying in the room and let them cool down for more than 4 hours promptly.

  9. Re-drying: Re-drying is still carried out in the dryer, the temperature is preferably 90-100 °C, and the water content is below 6%.

  Maojian is made through a series of processes of sieving, spreading, fixing, rolling, deblocking, stripping, initial baking, cooling, and re-baking. Therefore, it belongs to the category of unfermented tea, which is the green tea category that is divided into six major categories of tea.