What Is The Situation Of Sweating When Drinking China Green Tea?

Update:26 Nov 2021

  I don’t know if you are paying attention. Drinking China green tea will cause sweating. After a cup of good tea, it seems that some fine sweat is coming out of the back.

  When I reached the fourth cup, my pores started to sweat.

  Some people say that it is good tea that makes you sweat, others say that the tea is too strong, and some people say that it is because of drinking hot tea. Which one is correct?

  Question: Does drinking hot water make you sweat?

  We can understand with a simple question, does drinking a cup of hot water make you sweat? Of course, it will.

  The phenomenon of sweating after drinking tea is not unique to tea, nor is it a novel phenomenon.

  There are also some more obvious sweating effects in life, such as ginger tea, crucian carp soup, and so on. Especially when our body is weak, drinking these can speed up blood circulation, and even the forehead will sweat.

  The phenomenon described by Lu Tong in his poems is still very different from ours, because the tea drunk in the Tang Dynasty is different from our current tea, so it is not comparable. The tea drunk by the people in the Tang Dynasty also contains mint leaves, Cook tangerine peel, and ginger together.

  Sweating is one of the normal body sensations of drinking tea

  Drinking tea will have a taste and body feel. The taste is bitter, fresh, sweet, moist, and refreshing. The body feel is similar to the body's soreness and pain, of course, drinking tea is not so intense.

  The body sensations of drinking tea include regenerating body fluid, hiccups, drunken tea, and sweating.

  It is well known that tea has the effect of refreshing and refreshing. Therefore, a cup of tea is enough to make the heartbeat slightly faster and the metabolism speeds up. If we drink the tea we like, we are excited and are more prone to sweating.

  Of course, it’s more straightforward. In most cases, tea is a hot drink. If you drink hot tea continuously, your body will naturally activate the heat dissipation mechanism and sweat. If the same tea is allowed to cool before drinking, this phenomenon is rare.

  Sweating is not the criterion for evaluating good tea

  Back to the scientific explanation, drinking tea will cause sweating, which is related to everyone's physique. For example, is it easy to sweat? Have you recently been in poor health and some weakness? Did you drink a tea with a high concentration and a more stimulating taste, and your body reacted obviously?

  In addition, the temperature of the tea soup, the temperature of the environment, and even the mood will affect the question of whether we sweat.

  Under the influence of so many factors, drinking tea and sweating may not be a criterion for evaluating the quality of tea.

  After discovering this phenomenon, we need to pay more attention to our physical condition, and the taste and taste of tea, whether it makes us feel happy.