5 Misunderstandings Of Saving Chinese Green Tea In Summer

Update:22 Jul 2022

  In the hot summer, when many tea lovers are storing tea, they often ignore many small details due to the particularity of the summer climate, and accidentally "waste" good tea. So, do you know the precautions for storing tea in summer? How to avoid the misunderstanding of tea storage, to make Chinese green tea more fragrant and fragrant?

  Misunderstanding 1: Store a lot of loose tea instead of pressed tea

  Old tea lovers who have experience in storing tea will know that compared with loose tea, Pu-erh pressed tea has natural advantages such as small size, storage resistance, and resistance to deterioration. Brick tea, cake tea, Tuocha, and other types of pressed tea are preferred. Conversely, if it is for short-term drinking purposes, you can choose to store a small amount of loose tea.

  Myth 2: Expose tea leaves to sunlight

  In summer, they are often attacked by rainstorms. Some tea lovers are afraid that the tea leaves will absorb moisture and get damp, so they directly expose the tea leaves to the sun to evaporate the water in the tea leaves. Oxidation, browning of tea leaves (according to experiments, the rate of browning of tea leaves will increase by 3 to 5 times for every 10 ℃ increase in temperature), and the appearance of sun-dried taste, etc., thus affecting the taste of tea leaves. Therefore, in the process of storing Pu-erh tea, it is necessary to protect it from light.

  Misunderstanding 3: Blindly using tea storage pots to store tea

  Tea storage should be adapted to local conditions. Cities located in the southern coastal areas are more susceptible to the rainy season, torrential rain, typhoons, and other weather in summer due to the particularity of their geographical location. In addition, the air humidity in summer is high, and the tea leaves are easily affected by moisture, mildew, etc. . Therefore, when storing tea in these places, it is not recommended to use a tea container with high air permeability to store tea, but should be properly sealed and stored (relatively) and stored off the ground.

  If tea lovers store tea at home, they can use plastic bags, airtight bags, cardboard boxes, or the original tea packaging (for example, bamboo shoots) for storage.

  Misunderstanding 4: Store tea in the refrigerator or refrigerate Pu Erh Tea

  In the process of storing tea, some tea lovers will refer to green tea, fragrant oolong tea, and other teas to store Pu'er tea in the refrigerator, but the value of Pu'er tea is that it is more fragrant with age. The temperature is 25°C, and the air humidity is maintained at about 75%) under a normal temperature environment; too low storage temperature will inhibit the activity of biological enzymes, affect or even block the later aging efficiency of tea, and it is difficult to realize the drinking value and collection value of Pu-erh tea.

  Misunderstanding 5: Mixing raw and cooked tea

  Sometimes we ignore the raw and ripe properties of tea leaves in the process of storing tea and put the two types of tea directly together. As everyone knows, it is precise because the small details of tea storage are not noticed that the tea leaves will face the risk of odor.

  In addition, tea lovers should also pay attention to isolating the source of odor during the process of storing tea to avoid the smell of tea leaves. For daily tea storage, what are the tips for tea friends, please leave a message to share and exchange.