Identification Skills Of Chunmee Tea

Update:29 Jul 2022

 In many of the toothpaste advertisements we see, we all know that green tea contains tea polyphenols. Chunmee tea is a type of green tea. Chunmee tea belongs to the Chinese green tea series, and of course, it also has some characteristics of chunmee tea. Spring tea is spring, and all things are reborn. In spring, the tops of the tea leaves are picked and refined to become chunmee tea. Because chunmee tea is unfermented tea, the aroma of the original tea remains intact. This also increases the difficulty of distinguishing between good and bad. How to distinguish between good and bad chunmee tea? I will teach you some tricks.

  1. How to distinguish the quality of chunmee tea

  Generally speaking, the tea picked between Qingming Festival and Guyu Festival is called chunmee tea. In general, chunmee tea is also a special product of a premium variety. Because chunmee tea is not fermented and retains the aroma of natural tea, the buds of chunmee tea are plump and full of water. As can be seen from the appearance, it is very delicate and tastes sweet after brewing.

  2. How to distinguish between good and bad spring tea?

  It can be said that chunmee tea is difficult to distinguish between good and bad in the market, because many bad merchants will confuse the true and false, and also because chunmee tea is a top grade. If it is labeled as chunmee tea, it will naturally sell more expensive. However, there are ways to differentiate between good and bad chunmee tea. First, look at the exterior. chunmee tea has a clean and shiny look.

  3. How to distinguish the quality of chunmee tea

  The second is to smell the fragrance of chunmee tea. When you taste this tea, you can smell the rich aroma of chunmee tea again. Pure incense is the best chunmee tea. On the contrary, the taste of chunmee tea proves that chunmee tea is good or bad. The third is the color of the soup. The brewed spring tea is clear and bright. The fourth is tea. A good chunmee tea is mellow and slightly bitter. However, if the bitterness can be dissolved, it can be judged to be good from "appearance, smell, color, and taste".