Add Lotus Leaf To China Green Tea

Update:16 Oct 2020

  My country’s tea culture has been circulating for a long time and has a history of many years. In ancient times, people praised China green tea with verses, but now that the times are advancing, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation, and they have begun to abandon those sweets and beverages and start drinking tea. Now people are paying more and more attention to collocation to regulate the body, some friends will want to mix lotus leaf and China green tea to drink. Is such a method feasible? Today we will give you a popular science, which will help you.

  1. Can I mix China green tea and lotus leaves into tea?

  The answer is of course yes, because the two have no conflicting properties at all, and after the two are mixed, the effect on health preservation will be better. For many friends, after mixing the two, the taste will be smoother, so it is loved by many people.

  2. What are the effects of lotus leaf China green tea?

  1. Lose weight and lose weight.

  For some girls who love beauty, of course, they want to have a slim figure, but they are not willing to exercise, so this tea is very suitable for this kind of person because the lotus leaf and China green tea can effectively discharge us. Body fat and harmful substances, so it can achieve a good weight loss effect. Especially in the hot summer days, drinking a cup of lotus leaf China green tea can not only arouse good spirits for the day but also achieve the effect of losing weight. Why not?

  2. Improve appetite.

  For many people, in the scorching summer, they have nothing to eat except for cold things. At this time, drinking a cup of lotus leaf China green tea can clean up our intestines and stomach, and at the same time enhance everyone’s appetite so that we can eat some nutritious food, otherwise, many people in summer, in addition to eating cold Except for unhelpful food like ice cream, I don’t want to eat anything else.

  3. Remove acne and avoid getting angry.

  So in the summer, many people are angrier, so they will easily grow acne after acne on the face. For girls who love beauty, this is of course intolerable. Therefore, many people will find ways to use various skincare products to treat acne.

  In fact, drinking lotus leaf China green tea can effectively help us clear away heat and detoxify and relieve the phenomenon of getting angry. In addition, it can also relieve our acne skin. You may wish to drink more in the hot summer. , It also has very good help to the skin and the body.

  4. Lower blood pressure

  For middle-aged and elderly people, high blood pressure has always plagued them. Then, this disease usually causes other complications, which is a more dangerous symptom. Therefore, you may wish to drink more lotus leaf China green tea in your daily life. It is very helpful for alleviating this symptom, and the taste is also quite good.

  3. How should lotus leaf China green tea be brewed?

  1. You can buy some dried lotus leaves in the medicine store, and then buy some China green tea or China green tea powder in the supermarket.

  2. If you drink it by yourself, you only need three dollars of lotus leaves and about two grams of China green tea.

  3. Put them into boiling water and brew them, and you can drink them in five minutes.

  I believe that after reading so much, you should know that China green tea and lotus leaves can be mixed together to drink, and their effects are quite good, so you may wish to mix them together and drink more.