A More Effective Storage Method Of China Green Tea

Update:09 Oct 2020

  China green tea is not fermented tea. Because it is not fermented, it also maintains the freshest, simple and elegant style. From the graceful and luxurious Tang Dynasty to the radiant and colorful Song Dynasty, to the chaotic era of iron cavalry, it has always been there. The China green tea in the Tang Dynasty was made with steam, which is then steamed Qingtuan cake recorded in Lu Yu's Tea Classic. In the Northern Song Dynasty, the tribute tea in Beiyuan, Fujian was so exquisite and extravagant that Cai Xiang, who made tea for the emperor, was criticized. The gorgeous steamed Qinglong Tuan phoenix cake was the Chunli of an era and the singing of an empire. After that, there was no more sound.

  Home Edition China green tea storage guide:

  1. Storage method in plastic bags and aluminum foil bags

  The tea leaves can be wrapped in softer clean paper in advance, and then placed in a food bag. After filling the tea, squeeze out the air in the bag as much as possible and seal it. It is best to choose high-density, high-pressure, thick, strong, odorless, sealed plastic bags for food, and do not use flavored or remanufactured plastic bags.

  2. Metal can storage method

  Choose iron cans, stainless steel cans, or dense tin cans for China green tea.

  If it is a newly-purchased jar or a jar that has been stored with other items that have a smell, you can put a little tea powder in the jar first, cover the lid, shake it up and down, gently rub the wall of the jar and discard it to remove the peculiar smell.

  Don't put it in direct sunlight, peculiar smell, humidity, and heat source. In this way, iron can is not easy to rust, and it can also slow down the aging and deterioration of China's green tea.

  Metal can

  3. Low-temperature storage method

  China green tea is packed in high-density, high-pressure, thick, strong, and odor-free food packaging bags and the storage environment of China green tea is kept below 5 degrees Celsius, that is, the refrigerator or freezer is used to store China green tea.

  Attention should be paid to using this method:

  For the storage period of fewer than six months, the refrigeration temperature is the most economical and effective to maintain 0-5 degrees Celsius; for the storage period of more than half a year, freezing (-10 to -18 degrees Celsius) is better. This method has a long storage time and good effect, but the bag mouth must be tightly sealed, otherwise, it will regain moisture or smell, which will damage the quality of China's green tea.

  The professional version of the China green tea storage guide

  1. Lime block preservation method

  The quicklime block is packed in a white muslin bag, China green tea is put in a white cotton paper bag, and the kraft paper bag is wrapped. Then the smallmouth pottery altar is washed and dried, and white paper is placed underneath. The China green tea bag is placed in smallmouth pottery. Inside the altar, one or two lime bags are embedded in the middle. Seal the mouth of the altar with several layers of grass, and finally compact it with bricks or thick wood plates to reduce air exchange. After that, the preservation condition should be checked frequently, and the lime should be replaced in time after deliquescence.

  2. Carbon storage method

  The operation method is the same as the lime block preservation method. The material used is nothing but charcoal that has been burned out, and the tea utensils can be replaced by earthenware jars or small iron buckets. The capacity of charcoal bags and China green tea bags can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the container.

  3. China green tea cold storage method

  Dry the tea leaves with moisture, and the moisture content is between 3-5% and not more than 6%. China green tea leaves are put into an aluminum-plated composite bag, heat-sealed, the air in the bag is extracted with a breathing air extractor, and nitrogen is filled at the same time, sealed with a sealing sticker, placed in a tea box, and then sent to a low-temperature refrigerator for storage. This method is the best tea preservation method under the current technological level. Large storage capacity and long time.


  After taking the tea out of the refrigerator, do not open the package immediately. This is to prevent the tea from getting wet. After taking China green tea out of the refrigerator, the correct way is to take out the China green tea in the refrigerator, let it warm up slowly, open the packaging bag after it rises to room temperature, and then brew and drink, and the best drinking The time is within half a month. I have just taught you two types of preservation methods of China green tea at home and professional. In addition to this, we should also pay attention to the five taboos of China green tea storage.

  Five taboos when storing China green tea:

  1. Avoid moisture

  Generally, most teams have strong moisture absorption and moisture properties. When storing, relative humidity of 60% is more suitable. If the relative humidity exceeds 70%, mildew will develop due to moisture absorption, which will cause acidification and deterioration. So when you return to Nantian and Huangmeitian, remember to seal the tea bags tightly to avoid moisture.

  2. Avoid high temperature

  China's green tea is more suitable for low-temperature preservation. If the temperature is too high, the amino acids, sugars, vitamins, and aromatic substances in the tea will be decomposed and destroyed, which will reduce the quality, aroma, and taste.

  3. Avoid sunlight

  Sunlight will promote the oxidation of China green tea's pigments and esters, decompose chlorophyll into pheophytin, and deteriorate the quality of China's green tea.

  4. Avoid oxygen

  The chlorophyll, aldehydes, esters, vitamin C, etc. in China green tea are easily combined with oxygen in the air. The oxidized China green tea will make the color of China green tea soup red and darker, which greatly reduces the nutritional value. Every time you take tea and drink tea, remember to seal the seal first.

  5. Avoid odor

  China's green tea contains macromolecular palmas and terpene compounds. Such substances are extremely unstable and can absorb odors. Therefore, when tea leaves are mixed and stored with items with a peculiar smell, the peculiar smell will be absorbed and cannot be removed.