Can I Drink Green Tea When I Have A Cold?

Update:25 Mar 2022

  Many people love to drink green tea, mainly because green tea has the effect of clearing heat and relieving summer heat, especially in hot summer, drinking more green tea has many benefits. However, for people who are suffering from a cold, is it suitable to drink green tea in summer? Let's take a look at the related introduction.

  The cause of a cold is often caused by the intake of too much wind and cold in the body. Don’t underestimate a mere cold. The side effects it brings to people are very large, and it can even affect the standard of living. It is not recommended to drink green tea during a cold, because when you have a cold, there are often more bacteria and viruses in the body, especially in our gastrointestinal tract. If you continue to drink green tea at this time, it will cause the body to absorb Too much theophylline, caffeine and other substances will affect your health, which will lead to the secretion of gastric acid, stimulate the stomach, and lead to aggravation of the cold problem. Therefore, it is best to stay away from green tea during the cold.