How To Store Chunmee Green Tea?

Update:02 Apr 2022

  Chunmee green tea is very precious, so it is recommended that you do not buy too much at one time, otherwise, the tea will deteriorate due to many reasons during storage, which will ultimately affect the taste. Let's take a look at how to store chunmee green tea.

  To store chunmee green tea, just do the following:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight, otherwise, the sunlight will destroy the vitamin C in the tea leaves, resulting in changes in the color and taste of the tea leaves. It is best to store the chunmee green tea leaves in a container that is protected from light.

  2. Pay attention to the storage temperature of chunmee green tea must not be high, otherwise, the high temperature will decompose the effective components of the tea, which can reduce the nutritional value of the tea, so the storage of chunmee green tea must avoid high temperature.

  3. It is also very important to avoid moisture because moisture can increase the activity of bacteria. When the moisture in the tea leaves is too large, the tea leaves will lose their nutrients, so the tea leaves must be stored dry.

  4. When storing chunmee green tea, you must avoid the tea leaves coming into contact with the air for a long time, otherwise the tea leaves will be easily oxidized by the oxygen in the air, which will cause the tea leaves to lose their original flavor, so the container of the tea leaves must be well sealed.