Do You Know About Tea?

Update:20 May 2022

Tea property refers to the taste and characteristics of tea leaves. Contains cool (cold), neutral and warm. After different manufacturing processes, tea has tea properties, and its fermentation level determines the difference in tea properties and flavors. For example, herbal teas include Biluochun in green tea and Tieguanyin in green tea; neutral teas include oolong tea and Dahongpao in green tea; mild teas include black tea and Pu'er tea.


Green tea: cold tea, allergic constitution drinking green tea is easy to vomit. Most of the famous teas in China are green teas. Because there is no fermentation process in the manufacturing process, the nutrients are higher than in other types, but the chlorophyll content is also higher, which is more irritating to the stomach and stomach. Patients with gastric ulcers cannot drink green tea.

Tieguanyin: It is a semi-fermented tea. Due to the short fermentation period, it is still relatively cool, with outstanding cellulite-removing properties, and the tea aroma is particularly strong. But you can't drink Tieguanyin on an empty stomach, otherwise, it will be easy to get drunk.

Oolong tea: Oolong tea is neither cold nor hot, pungent, cool, and sweet. It is a neutral tea, suitable for most people to drink. Because the tea leaves are thick and old, they must be brewed with boiling water of 100°C.

Dahongpao tea: warm but not cold and not hurting the stomach, with a mellow taste and rich aroma, the fragrance of the teeth and cheeks will remain after drinking, and it will last for a long time. After 9 times of brewing, there is still the aroma of the osmanthus flower of the original tea.

Pu'er tea: mild and mellow, it has the effects of warming the stomach, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids. Long-term drinking can reduce atherosclerosis.

The so-called "different from time to time" means drinking different teas at different times.

Since the metabolism of the human body becomes more and more vigorous in spring, both blood circulation and nutrient supply will speed up and increase accordingly. Proper drinking of tea in spring can not only replenish body fluids, strengthen blood circulation, and promote metabolism, but also facilitate digestion, absorption, and waste removal, and reduce the damage of metabolites and toxins to the body.

One day, when you wake up from sleep in the early morning, you should drink green tea or green tea to refresh your mind; in the morning, you are going to work, so it is better to drink some Tieguanyin or jasmine tea. Stimulate the human brain to make people enter a state of excitement, which is conducive to improving work efficiency; in the afternoon, people are prone to fatigue, so they should drink some black tea to relieve sleepiness; after dinner, talk with family members or socialize with friends, drink light Pu Erh tea Or oolong tea, which has both the taste and the night's sleep.