Does Drinking Chunmee Green Tea Often Make Teeth Yellow?

Update:26 Feb 2021

  Some people say that if you drink chunmee green tea often, your teeth will turn yellow. Is this true? Will drinking tea regularly cause teeth to turn yellow? I believe many people are paying more attention to these questions. The following is an accurate answer from Zhenan Green Tea Factory.

  Many factors can cause teeth to turn yellow. When you eat colored foods or medications, your teeth will change color. Secondly, the teeth themselves will change as the teeth age, and then they will gradually change. Yellowing, these are inevitable, so the yellowing of teeth is not only caused by a certain reason, but by a variety of reasons.

  Speaking of whether regular tea will cause teeth to turn yellow, theoretically speaking, regular tea will cause teeth to turn yellow, because tea contains tea polyphenols, although these are not specially stained substances, After drinking tea for a long time, the tea polyphenols will adhere to the teeth. If the cleaning is not in place, the teeth will turn yellow over time.

  However, drinking tea often does not necessarily make your teeth yellow. If you brush your teeth every morning and evening and care about your teeth cleaning, your teeth will not turn yellow. In other words, it is not absolute that drinking tea for a long time will cause teeth to turn yellow. It mainly depends on how people usually clean their teeth. If the teeth cleaning work is done, then no matter how much tea you drink, your teeth will not change. Yellow, on the contrary, even if you don’t drink tea, your teeth will turn yellow.

  Do you know that drinking tea regularly is good for teeth? Some studies have shown that tea has important effects on preventing tooth decay and sterilization. The tea polyphenols and fluorine contained in tea can strengthen the gums. Inhibit the growth of bacteria, so we see that many kinds of toothpaste are added with tea polyphenols. The smell is not only fresh but also has an extraordinary effect.