For Chunmee Green Tea, Which Bubble Is The Essence?

Update:05 Mar 2021

  Tasting the changes in tea soup can be described as great pleasure in drinking tea. When drinking tea, many tea lovers sometimes just simply drink it without paying attention to the changes in the tea soup in each tea. If I asked which one is the best to drink, I realized that I didn't pay attention to it.

  Some people say: The first bubble is "If life is just like first sight", the third bubble is "Cardamom shoots in early February", the sixth bubble is "Orange-yellow orange green when the most", and the ninth bubble is "I still want to return.".

  It is true that when some tea leaves are just beginning to brew, the taste is not easy to come out. When the third and fourth infusions are reached, the tea leaves are unfolded, and the taste of the tea is revealed. At this time, the taste of the tea is strong. After soaking, the tea taste gradually fades, the water taste gradually increases, and the taste becomes relatively light, but the aftertaste is unique.

  Different teas have unique characteristics. The resistance to foaming and the essence of tea are related to the type, processing method, and aging degree of tea, so it cannot be generalized. Which teas are best to drink when they are brewed?

  The taste of chunmee green tea is concentrated in the first 2 bubbles

  Green tea has refreshing and refreshing, clearing away heat and relieving heat, eliminating food and phlegm, removing greasiness and weight loss, clearing the heart and eliminating annoyance, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, reducing fire, and improving eyesight...Because of its characteristics, it retains more of the fresh leaves. Natural material, the buds, and leaves are delicate, so it is better to choose the purple clay teapot: making tea in the purple clay teapot does not take away the true fragrance of the tea, nor does it have the smell of the cooked soup. It can maintain the color, fragrance, and taste of the tea for a long time. Unlike other tea brewing in a bowl or a small pot, if green tea is steeped in a glass, the first two brews will drink most of the flavor.

  Black tea, the taste is concentrated in 1-5 bubbles

  When black tea is made, there will be a heavier twisting pressure to squeeze out the tea juice. When brewing black tea, it will naturally taste faster. According to the experience of drinking tea, the taste will gradually fade after 5 brewing. It is necessary to extend the soup time to satisfy a certain taste.

  Therefore, generally black tea has the best taste when brewed once or twice, and the more high-end Gongfu black tea tastes the best when brewed three or four times.

  Pu'er tea, the taste lasts for more than 10 bubbles

  Because of its high resistance to foaming and rich taste, it should be tested carefully from the beginning. Pu'er tea is more particular about brewing. It is usually necessary to wash the tea first, that is, put the tea in a cup, pour in boiling water, and put it in a cup later. Pour out the water, pour in boiling water, and close the lid. This not only filters out the impurities of the tea but also makes the tea soup more mellow. After each infusion, the taste of tea gradually appeared.

  Pu'er tea raw cakes are resistant to brewing. Generally, they can be brewed 8 to 10 times in a row, but cooked cakes do not have that many times. The specific brewing times are directly related to the amount of tea brewing and the time of soup.

  White tea, the taste is concentrated in 3-7 bubbles

  Because of its non-frying and no-kneading production process, the tea cells are less damaged, and the substances in the tea leaves slowly come out. The taste of white tea is refreshing and sweet after 3 brewing, and the taste is still there after 7 brewing.

  Especially old white tea, it takes a long time to settle, and it needs to be fully awakened to fully awaken the substances contained in it. Old white tea is relatively more resistant to brewing.

  Therefore, the essence of white tea is based on the quality and the degree of newness and aging. Generally speaking, the taste and taste of the third and fourth bubbles of white tea are the best.

  Tea is like life, and life is like tea. Every stage in life has its wonderfulness. Just like drinking tea, every injection of water and every tea brew has its taste. The variety of teas requires us to savor carefully.