Factors Affecting Tea Storage

Update:30 Sep 2022

  During storage, many chemical components of tea are oxidized, which will make the tea age or deteriorate. Green Tea Factory introduces the influencing factors for you:

  The influence of humidity

  The content of chlorophyll in tender leaves is very high. Under the conditions of light and heat, it is easy to lose green and turn brown. Tea polyphenols are prone to oxidation during storage, resulting in browning.

  When the water content in tea leaves is too low, tea leaves are easy to age and deteriorate. When the water content of tea leaves is about 3%, tea leaves are easy to preserve. When the water content of tea leaves exceeds 6%, or the air humidity is higher than 60%, the color of tea leaves becomes darker and the quality of tea leaves deteriorates. The water content of finished tea should be controlled at 3%-6%, and if the water content exceeds 6%, it should be reheated and dried.

  The higher the temperature, the faster the tea leaves will age.

  In the process of tea storage, the browning speed will be accelerated by 3-5 times when the temperature rises by 1℃, and the browning of tea can be inhibited when stored below 10℃. Cold storage at 20℃ can almost regularly prevent the tea from aging and deterioration.

  The influence of oxygen

  If tea leaves are stored improperly, oxygen will enter, which will affect the quality of tea leaves.

  The influence of light

  Light belongs to energy. Under the irradiation of light, tea leaves will decompose chlorophyll into leg color. During storage, the quality of chunmee tea will be affected by light irradiation.