Is Green Tea Acidic Or Alkaline?

Update:09 Oct 2022

  Green tea is loved all over the world. More people pay attention to green tea as a manifestation of their emphasis on health. Many people ask us whether green tea is acidic or alkaline. Is it not difficult? From the nature of green tea, we will give you an analysis of whether green tea is acidic or alkaline.

  Green tea also contains many detoxification factors, which easily combine with toxic substances in the blood and accelerate their excretion from the urine. Green tea refers to the use of new leaves of tea trees without fermentation. Green tea is alkaline. After typical processes such as fixing, kneading, and drying, the color of the finished product and the brewed tea soup preserve the green color of fresh tea leaves. Keynote.

  Drinking green tea regularly can also prevent cancer and lower blood lipids, help computer families resist computer radiation, and lose weight. Smokers who drink more green tea can reduce the damage of nicotine.

  Modern medical research has shown that green tea contains alkaloids such as caffeine, theophylline, choline, etc., which belong to alkaline beverages, which can neutralize the acidic constitution caused by eating meat and other delicious foods, maintain the acid-base balance of the blood, and eliminate fatigue. , Refreshing effect.

  Mao Zedong liked to drink green tea (Xinyang Maojian and Longjing) in his later years. The content of catechins in green tea is as high as 25%. Studies have confirmed that green tea can significantly reduce serum cholesterol levels and reduce coronary atherosclerosis, thereby preventing coronary artery disease. The role of heart disease.

  Therefore, Mao Zedong likes to drink green tea also has its health care truth, and it also answers the question of whether green tea is acidic or alkaline because green tea is an alkaline substance! It is mainly determined by many elements of green tea.

  Green tea is generally grown in the mountains, and there are many rocks on the mountains, which leads to the basic answer of whether green tea is alkaline because the rocks contain a lot of alkaline substances, tea trees grow in such an environment because green tea belongs to Alkaline!

  Commonly found in the market are Xinyang Maojian, West Lake Longjing Tea, Huangshan Maofeng, Dongting Biluochun, Jianye, Emei Chunyu, Picking Flower Maojian, etc. Green tea processing is divided into three steps: fixing, rolling and drying.

  The characteristics of green tea determine that it retains more of the natural substances and alkaline substances in the fresh leaves. Among them, tea polyphenols and caffeine retain more than 85% of fresh leaves, chlorophyll retains about 50%, and the loss of vitamins is also less, thus forming the characteristics of green tea "clear soup with green leaves, strong astringency in taste".

  Xinyang Maojian, a treasure of green tea, is a splendid pearl in the Dabie Mountains. It has always been famous at home and abroad for its unique style of "fine, round, light, straight, more pekoe, high fragrance, strong taste, and green soup". Xinyang Maojian green tea recommended by Xinyang Tea Network is also alkaline.

  Through the above introduction, you should understand whether green tea is acidic or alkaline. To repeat, green tea belongs to the alkaline tea category, which is inseparable from the growth environment and chemical nutrients contained in green tea.