How Much China Green Tea To Drink A Day

Update:09 Sep 2022

  First, because China green tea soup contains a lot of fluorides, drinking too much can easily lead to yellow teeth. And too much fluoride buildup can cause pain in your bones.

  The second question is, does China green tea contain 2 to 5 percent caffeine? Drinking too much will stimulate your nerves. For example insomnia.

  Third, drinking China green tea is a diuretic, which increases the burden on the kidneys. Drinking too much will make your body dehydrated.

  Fourth, China green tea leaves contain tannins, which can hinder the absorption of iron in the stomach and intestines, thereby affecting the health of the body, and may suffer from anemia.

  How much China green tea to drink a day is appropriate

  The standard of drinking China green tea mainly varies from person to person. For example, for a healthy adult, drinking about 12 grams of China green tea a day is not too much, that is, 3-4 cups a day. The second use of China green tea is 3-4 grams, and each cup is brewed 3 times for a total of about 12 breasts. Only about 8 bosoms drink into the body, because every time the bosom is filled with boiling water for the second or third time, there is still China green tea soup left in the bosom. For other women, children, and the elderly, it can be appropriately reduced according to personal constitution and hobbies. It is generally okay to drink too much China green tea. So far, it has rarely been found that the disease is caused by drinking too much China green tea. But everything has a "degree", and so does drinking China green tea. People with a weak constitution, certain diseases, and special groups should not drink China green tea or drink strong China green tea. For example, people with iron deficiency anemia, etc., avoid drinking China green tea when taking medicine. Drinking strong China green tea on an empty stomach is easy to "get drunk with China green tea", and people who are prone to insomnia, menstruating women, women who are breastfeeding, and preschool children, are allergic to caffeine People such as people should not drink China green tea or drink strong China green tea.