Why Do I Get Hungry Fast After Drinking Tea?

Update:02 Sep 2022

  It is easy to be hungry after drinking tea because tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols, caffeine, organic acids, vitamins, and other substances. These substances will stimulate the stomach to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, and the human body will be prone to hunger after drinking tea.

  Let's take Pu Erh tea as an example: comparing raw tea and cooked tea, generally speaking, drinking raw tea makes you hungry faster than cooking tea. What is the reason? Let's take a look at some of the substances contained in the tea leaves of raw tea.

  1. Tea polyphenols

  Tea polyphenol is the general term for various polyphenol compounds in tea. Catechin accounts for about 50-70% of tea polyphenols and is the main substance of tea polyphenols.

  2. Caffeine

  The caffeine content of raw tea is about 3.5%, while the more tender tea leaves are richer in caffeine. Caffeine has the effect of decomposing fat and diuretic. In addition to caffeine, tea contains a small amount of theophylline.

  3. Organic acids

  Tea leaves are rich in organic acids, such as malic acid, citric acid, etc. After drinking raw tea, these organic acids participate in the body's metabolism, keeping the body's acid base in a balanced state.

  4. Vitamins

  Raw tea is rich in vitamins C, B, E, A, etc., with more vitamin C. A person must consume about 50 mg of vitamin C per day, and the vitamin C in raw tea can provide about half of the body's needs.

  The above substances are usually rich in Chinese green tea and will have a certain impact on the metabolism of the human body. Among them, caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, etc. can more obviously stimulate the secretion of gastric acid in large quantities, accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach, and accelerate the metabolism of the digestive system, so we will be hungry faster than normal.