How Should Chunmee Tea Was Stored?

Update:11 Sep 2020

  The storage conditions of chunmee tea are very demanding. If it is not stored properly, the vitamins and nutrients in the tea are easily destroyed by the outside world and are easily affected by factors such as light, moisture, and outside temperature. Therefore, attention should be paid to the storage method of tea. How should chunmee tea be stored? Let us learn together.

  1. Thermos bottle storage method

  Just put the chunmee tea in the newly purchased thermos and seal it.

  2. Charcoal storage method

  Charcoal has a good adsorption effect on moisture and a peculiar smell. Using the charcoal preservation method can make tea better. When storing chunmee tea, put an appropriate amount of charcoal into a small cloth bag and place it on the bottom of the pot where the tea is stored. Then layer the packed tea leaves in the pot, and then seal the mouth of the jar. The charcoal is replaced once a month.

  3, jar storage method

  It is also the most commonly used method to store tea in a well-sealed tea can, which is convenient and practical. Its benefit is that it is convenient to store the tea, and you can take it when you want to drink it. Just put the tea bought from the market in a clean pot. Also, to better keep the tank dry, 1-2 packets of silica gel or preservative can be added to the tank for better results.

  4, quicklime career method

  The application principle of the quicklime method is similar to that of charcoal. The quicklime is used for moisture absorption and deodorization with a desiccant, and the quicklime is packed in a cloth bag. At the same time, the tea should be sealed and packaged, and items with a peculiar smell should be separated. Good to be replaced every 2 months.