How Should Novices Choose China Green Tea?

Update:07 May 2021

  There are many types of China green tea, so how to choose tea has become a tricky thing. Many newcomers don’t know how to choose tea so that they spend a lot of money. Let me introduce it to you in the following editor!

  First of all, everyone should start with the appearance. The cords like Tieguanyin are tightly knotted, and the color is sandy green, like dragonfly legs; while the cords of Dahongpao are slender and dark brown and oozy; Jin Jun's eyebrows are black and yellow, and there are many dry teas. Fluffy; small green tangerines have the highest degree of recognition and Pu'er inside the tangerine

  Next, everyone should start with tea soup. Tieguanyin’s tea soup is bean-green, with a distinct smell of orchids; Dahongpao’s tea soup is dark red, with a mellow texture and obvious rock rhyme; Jin Junmei’s soup base is orange-red and translucent, honey is sweet and sweet; Xiaoqing mandarin is scented Mellow, mellow orange fragrance.

  Finally, everyone should start with the tea base. Tieguanyin's tea base is thick and naturally stretched, with green leaves and red borders; Dahongpao's leaf base is still beautiful after the water, the leaf base is soft and bright, the color is green and brown, and the center of the leaf is light green. yellow;

  One bud and one leaf at the bottom of Jinjun eyebrow's eyebrows are stretched, and there is no debris; the tea base oil package of Xiaoqingkan is bright, citrus oil is enough, the bottom of the leaf is thick, the skin color is still light green after brewing, and the orange peel is tough and fruity The fragrance of tea lasts for a long time.

  The choice of tea is also a subject. I will introduce it here today. If you have any questions, you can also leave a comment.