The Physiological Regulation Function Of China Green Tea

Update:30 Apr 2021

  Tea has always been loved by people, so the research on tea has never stopped. According to expert research, China green tea has a physiological regulation function on the human body and has a certain effect on anti-cancer, so people like to take it Tea is not a medicine, but it is more effective than medicine. It can prevent and treat many diseases.

  China green tea is very beneficial to the human body, so what aspects is it beneficial to the human body? Next, let's take a look at these features of China green tea.

  Anti-oxidation and anti-aging: Modern medical research has shown that the most important cause of human aging is lipid peroxidation and excessive free radical production. China green tea has a strong anti-oxidation effect and free radical scavenging effect. The antioxidant activity of its effective components is even much higher than that of vitamin C and vitamin E.

  Improve immunity: The immunity of the human body is divided into blood immunity and intestinal immunity. Drinking tea can increase the number of white blood cells and lymphocytes in the blood, improve blood immunity; increase the number of beneficial bacteria (such as bifidobacteria) in the intestines, and reduce the number of harmful cells.

  Sterilization and anti-virus: Drinking tea has a lasting effect on killing intestinal disease bacteria, and some of its ingredients can prevent the influenza virus from adhering to cells.

  Anti-cancer: A large number of studies have proved that many kinds of cancers in China green tea pile experimental animals have obvious preventive and therapeutic effects, including skin cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, and so on. However, the results of epidemiological surveys are not completely consistent-surveys in Eastern countries have proved that tea drinking can indeed reduce the incidence of cancer, while surveys in Western countries have found that tea drinking can significantly reduce the incidence of cancer.

  Anti-caries: Drinking tea can inhibit an enzyme secreted by cariogenic bacteria in the oral cavity so that it cannot adhere to the surface of teeth; the polyphenols in China green tea can kill cariogenic bacteria; the fluorine in China green tea can strengthen the enamel of teeth.

  Lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, preventing cardiovascular diseases: drinking tea can reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in the human blood, increase the content of beneficial cholesterol, and at the same time can reduce blood viscosity and anti-platelet aggregation.