How Should Pu Erh Tea Be Brewed?

Update:31 Dec 2021

  To filter the heart dust, tea is a must. Chinese people drink tea in the word "tea rhyme". How to truly and profoundly appreciate the mystery, the time, the right place, the human and the indispensable, tea, water, temperature, tea set, and time cannot be ignored.

  The choice of tea is crucial. Generally speaking, it is better to choose tea cakes with a bright and shiny appearance, pure aroma without a musty taste, clean tea leaves without impurities, and uniform thickness. Then, according to personal preference, choose raw tea or cooked tea.

  Water is the mother of tea, and good water can make good tea. The quality of water directly affects the quality of tea. Just imagine, it is a pity that a good tea cannot fully stimulate its inherent characteristics because of the water. Therefore, when making tea, it is best to choose light and clear water, that is, spring water, river water, snow on pine, and snow on plum stamen. If you don't have such good conditions on weekdays, you can also choose pure and sweet mineral water or pure water. However, tap water that has not been purified can not be used directly. Even if the tap water is boiled, there will still be disinfected chlorine, which will affect the taste of the tea.

  The water temperature of the tea should not be underestimated. Pu Erh Tea cooked tea as post-fermented tea. It is suitable to use boiling water boiled on a high fire when brewing. It is better to just boil and bubble. Long-boiling "old water" will greatly reduce the taste of the tea, and the process of boiling the water Slow cooking should not be used. The water temperature is best controlled at 95-100 degrees. For Pu Erh Tea raw tea, it can be appropriately lowered to about 90 degrees.

  Selection of tea sets-purple clay pot and cover bowl. Choosing a good tea set to make tea is not only a manifestation of taste but also visual enjoyment. Purple clay teapots are easy to absorb the taste of tea and have strong thermal insulation properties, which can fully dissolve the contents of the tea in the water, so the taste of the tea will be longer and the tea color will become stronger. Gaiwan brewing tea can effectively reduce the water temperature and at the same time remove unpleasant odors, dissipate heat, and make the gaiwan rich in fragrance. Remember to hot or roast the tea bowl to facilitate the full release of the tea aroma.

  It is also very important to grasp the brewing time. For Pu Erh Tea, the first time to brew, 10 to 20 seconds is a quick tea wash. The steeping time of the first three courses of tea should not be too long, as the thickness at the beginning will affect the taste of the subsequent brewing. Brew the tea, pour it into the cup until it is 70% full, savor it carefully, and feel comfortable.

  Have a moment of leisure, ask for a quiet room, choose three or five friends, make a pot of tea around the table, and feel the perfect fusion of tea and water between pitching, it is wonderful!