Reasons To Choose Longjing Tea

Update:24 Dec 2021

  There are many effects and functions of Longjing tea, and the most significant effects are for people's physical health and beauty. For example, Longjing tea has the effects of refreshing, anti-cancer, body slimming, diuretic, strengthening teeth, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and lowering blood pressure and lipids. Let's take a closer look at these effects.

  Efficacy 1: refreshing

  Drinking tea can affect sleep, which is known to many people. The tea contains a substance called caffeine, which can affect the central nervous system and cause excitement. Tea lovers who often feel tired can drink more tea to refresh themselves.

  Efficacy 2: body slimming

  In the market, there are various ways to lose weight, and drinking tea to lose weight is one of them. Human obesity is caused by too much fat in the body. The caffeine, aroma, and other substances in Longjing tea can regulate fat and play a beautifying effect.

  Efficacy 3: Diuretic

  The efficacy and role of Longjing tea are also reflected in its diuretic effect. Tea lovers who are prone to edema can treat edema by drinking tea to allow caffeine and theophylline to exert their due diuretic effects.

  Efficacy 4: Tooth

  You should have seen some toothpaste products that use green tea as a selling point to attract consumers. Indeed, fluorine is contained in tea, which has a health effect on teeth. In addition to drinking tea often to strengthen your teeth, you can even rinse your mouth with tea when you rinse your mouth after a meal.

  Efficacy five: anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

  Among the effects and functions of Longjing tea, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory are also the manifestations. The tea polyphenols and tannic acid in tea leaves can hide the bacteria and die quickly.

  Efficacy six: lowering blood pressure and lowering fat

  Blood pressure and fat have always been the concerns of many tea lovers. Countless people in our country have fallen due to high blood pressure. In addition to prevention through medical methods, the efficacy and effects of Longjing tea can also be used in daily life. The tea polyphenols, vitamin C, and vitamin P in Longjing tea can prevent and treat high blood pressure, and even lower blood pressure. You might as well give it a try.

  As a famous green tea in China, Longjing tea has attracted a large number of loyal drinkers because of its emerald green color, strong aroma, and sweet taste. And its rich nutritional value is also unstoppable. The so-called "good wine is good, you can't be greedy for a cup." Drinking Longjing tea should also adopt appropriate methods, such as the following methods, which need to be avoided.

  Drink tea on an empty stomach, drink too hot tea, drink cold tea, drink strong tea, drink overnight tea, etc.

  The above methods of drinking tea will harm the body's spleen and stomach, physique, digestive system, resistance, etc., so be careful when drinking tea daily. Longjing tea has so many effects and functions that people can't put it down. The spring scenery is pleasant. Soak in a cup of Longjing and let the beautiful mood and the scenery blend together.