How To Make Good Gunpowder Green Tea?

Update:25 Jun 2021

  Choose a high-purity transparent glass, put 2-3 grams of fresh gunpowder green tea, and add one-fifth of the boiling water in the cup. Warm and wash the tea for 3-5 seconds, not for a long time, otherwise it will dissolve too much active ingredients. Why do you want to wash tea? Washing tea is also called Wenrunpao, because the surface of the tea leaves has a waxy texture and tea fluff after frying, so it is washed out after the warming brewing. The purpose of the warming brewing is that the effective ingredients of the tea will dissolve quickly after the tea is brewed. Make the tea soup more pure and bright. After washing the tea and draining it, add 80 degrees of boiling water to one-fifth of the place, and then add water to four-fifths of the cup. In this way, a cup of gunpowder green tea with clear soup and rich color is ready.

  Why do you need to brew the tea with a water temperature of 80 ℃ after washing, because the active ingredients in the tea such as vitamins, amino acids, tea polyphenols, etc., in the water temperature exceeding 80 ℃, will lose their activity, which will affect the taste of the tea and the taste after drinking Taste? (Vitamins and amino acids will produce sweetness, will have a rotten taste after high temperature, and theophylline will have a bitter taste). Some people make a cup of tea and put a lot, the water temperature is high, and the brewing time is long, the tea brewed is bitter, rotten, and stuffy. It was a good cup of tea, but now there are only routines such as refreshing and digesting. Worked. To make a good cup of tea is to master the scientific tea method.