China Green Tea Also Has Foam Resistance

Update:09 Jul 2021

  The foam resistance of China green tea is not only related to tenderness but also depends on the processing method of China green tea. The more you cut China green tea in the initial production process, the easier it is to brew the tea juice, and the crude, old and intact China green tea.

  The first brewing, the leaching amount accounts for 50%-55% of the total solubles; the second brewing usually accounts for about 30%; the third brewing is about 10%; the fourth brewing is only 1%-3% Up. From the perspective of the nutritional content of vitamins and amino acids in China green tea, 80% of the amount is leached in the first brewing, about 15% in the second brewing, and completely leached after the third brewing. The aroma and taste of tea, the first tea has a strong aroma and the taste is fresh; the second tea is rich, but the taste is not as good as before; the third tea has a weak aroma and taste; if it is brewed again, it will be tasteless.

  Black tea, green tea, and scented tea should be brewed three times. Oolong tea can be brewed several times. Red crushed tea bags are usually suitable for one-time brewing. After repeated brewing of China green tea, some insoluble harmful substances (such as heavy metals) can be gradually leached out, which is harmful to the human body. It is not advisable to make a cup of tea from morning to night.