How To Solve The Problem Of Brewing On Cold Rainy Days?

Update:12 Nov 2021

  1. continuous hot water temperature

  On rainy days, the temperature is lower, and the water cools faster than usual. First, ensure the continuous hot water temperature, and secondly, brew as soon as possible after warming the cup. The time before and after each tea is out of the soup should not be too long to avoid the temperature of the tea in the bowl. Too low, to maximize the tea fragrance.

  2. Use Jianshui Purple Clay Pot to Brew

  On rainy days, use Jianshui purple clay pot to brew, can keep the temperature, can better stimulate the aroma of tea.

  3. Less than the daily amount of tea

  On a rainy day, tea is easily affected by low air pressure and has a strong sour and astringent taste, so when brewing, you can make the tea soup a little lighter. It is more suitable to be less than 2-3g than usual, and the taste is light and mellow, and it may feel more comfortable.

  4. calm mood

  Continuous rain will affect people's mood, which is often lower, and the tea will naturally not be so fragrant, so it is also very important to maintain a calm heart.

  Finally, it is best to brew black tea and Pu-erh tea on rainy days. Because both types of tea are relatively high-fermented teas, the tea aroma is more stable. Even when the air is humid on a rainy day, you can still maintain your personality. In addition, drinking some ripe Pu'er tea on cloudy and rainy days can also warm your body and drive away some bad moods caused by dampness.