How To Make Chunmee Tea Delicious On Rainy Days?

Update:05 Nov 2021

  Autumn rain and a cold, cold and shivering, you should have a cup of hot chunmee tea to warm your body. But on a rainy day, the chunmee tea, which was fragrant the day before, was pre-soaked when it rained, but it was obvious that the aroma was weakened, the astringency increased, and even some chunmee tea products were sour. Why didn't it taste so fragrant yesterday! ? In fact, this is the impact of rainy days on chunmee tea.

  First of all, the air is humid and the water content of chunmee tea leaves is high

  When the air humidity is high on rainy days, chunmee tea leaves are easy to absorb the moisture in the air, especially the new chunmee tea, the moisture content increases, the chunmee tea soaks with moisture, which weakens the aroma.

  Secondly, low air pressure affects taste and smell

  Many people should have experienced that on an airplane at an altitude of 10,000 meters, eating an airplane meal feels dull. This is due to the reduced air pressure, which makes the sense of smell and taste "failure". Studies have shown that under the simultaneous action of humidity and low pressure, the sensitivity of taste buds to sweet and salty tastes will decrease by about 30%, and the sensations of sour, bitter, and spicy food are not affected. Therefore, the wet weather on rainy days will cause the ground pressure to become lower, which leads to different tastes and feelings of chunmee tea, and the taste of chunmee tea is weak, and the bitterness is easy to show.

  Third, the water temperature is easy to drop, which is difficult to stimulate the aroma of chunmee tea leaves

  For chunmee tea, the water temperature is high enough to stimulate the chunmee tea fragrance, but when the water temperature does not rise on rainy days, it drops quickly, and the chunmee tea fragrance is more difficult to be stimulated.

  Therefore, there is a lot of difference between the taste of chunmee tea on a rainy day and the taste of chunmee tea on a sunny day.