How To Store Chunmee Tea

Update:14 Aug 2020

  The name of chunmee tea gives people a very elegant feeling. The taste of the tea leaves is indeed very refreshing. So how should the chunmee tea we buy at home be stored correctly?

  1. Avoid high temperatures. In summer, even the air is hot and dry. The too high temperature will accelerate the decomposition of chlorophyll in chunmee tea, and bright green will turn into dark brown. The auto-oxidation of tea polyphenols and other substances at high temperatures will also increase.

  2. Avoid light. The light in summer is much stronger than in other seasons. The plant pigments and lipids in green tea are prone to photochemical reactions and produce a lot of peculiar smell substances, which leads to the smell of sunlight and the aging of green tea.

  3. Avoid oxygen. Because the tea polyphenols in chunmee tea are strong antioxidants, if the tea leaves are oxidized, the watercolor of the tea leaves will become darker, which means that the tea leaves have deteriorated.