The Most Suitable Time To Brew Chinese Green Tea

Update:21 Aug 2020

  The ancients said: one bitter, two tonic, three to wash the belly. It is about the number of brewing tea, but it is not entirely correct. The brewing frequency of different tea leaves is not the same. Some high-grade tender leaf teas has no tea taste after brewing twice, while ordinary black tea can usually be brewed 3-4 times.

  But Chinese green tea, the first brewing leaching amount can account for more than 50% of the total soluble content, the second brewing leaching amount is generally about 30%, and the third leaching amount is about 10%. The leaching volume four times is only 1-3%. Therefore, it is generally appropriate to brew tea two or three times.

  In terms of nutritional components, 80% of the vitamins and amino acids in tea are leached after the first brew, and more than 95% are leached after the second brew. Other active ingredients such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc. also have the largest amount of leaching for the first time and reach the full amount of leaching after three brews.