Magical Uses Of China Green Tea Other Than Drinking

Update:22 Apr 2022

  China green tea, as a drink, is its main function. Besides being used for drinking, China green tea has a lot of skills. 

  For cooking (to add icing on your culinary skills)

  When cooking beef, in addition to adding various condiments, you can also add a small cloth bag of ordinary China green tea leaves and cook with the beef, so that the beef will not only cook quickly but also taste very fragrant.

  For keeping fresh (it is estimated that it is the credit of China green tea)

  Soak the meat in 5% China green tea water for a while and then refrigerate. Bury the fresh eggs in clean dry China green tea residue and put them in a cool and dry place. The eggs can be stored for about 2-3 months. Of course, although the preservation is good, it is better to eat it early while it is fresh.

  For removing fishy smells (unpleasant fishy smells can also be easily removed)

  If there is a fishy smell in the utensils, put the waste China green tea leaves in it and cook for a few minutes to remove it; if there is a fishy smell on the vegetable plot, you can first scrub with the soaked China green tea leaves, and then rinse with water, that is, can be removed.

  For decontamination (natural detergent, economical, and environmentally friendly)

  Use waste China green tea water-soaked cloth to scrub the mud on mirrors, glass, doors and windows, furniture, adhesive cardboard, and leather shoes, and the decontamination effect is good.

  Used to remove odors (adsorption, burning, odor removal)

  Put the dried waste China green tea leaves in nylon socks and stuff them into smelly shoes. China green tea leaves can absorb the moisture in the shoes and remove the smell. About 1 cup of China green tea leaves is required for adult shoes.

  Put 50 grams of flower China green tea into a gauze bag and put it in the refrigerator to remove the odor. One month later, take out the leaves of China green tea and put them in the sun, then put them in a gauze bag and put them in the refrigerator. It can be used repeatedly and has a good deodorization effect.

  Burning waste China green tea leaves in toilets or places with bad air can eliminate foul odors. However, when using this method, just burn the leaves of China green tea without burning anything else.