The Best Types Of Green Tea

Update:15 Apr 2022

  Asking someone if they like green tea is not an easy question. There is no direct answer. The world of green tea is so complex that it cannot be described in one word. Learn more about green tea types.

  How many different types of green tea are there?

  There are thousands of different green teas in the world. Some may be very popular, while others may be so rare that not many people will hear about them. Thankfully, tea is more accessible than ever, and there are many amazing flavors to try in even the most exclusive places. While it is not easy to classify all green teas, we can still divide them by different factors:

  country of birth

  Green tea can be divided by origin. The flavor profile of Chinese green tea is different from that of Japanese or Indian green tea. This will make it easier for you to know which tea you might like, even if you haven't tried it before.

  processing methods

  The most important process in making green tea green is the "pinning" step. Greening is used to prevent oxidation and preserve nutrients, flavor, and color. There are several ways to stop oxidation, the most popular being steaming and pan roasting. Additionally, tea leaves can be processed into different leaf shapes or sizes. Whole tea leaves are generally more bitter than powdered and scalloped tea bags.

  Planting method

  Tea can be grown under different conditions. Some teas may be high-yielding, others from lower elevations. Some teas are shaded and some are grown in the sun.

  Tea varieties and cultivars, etc.

  Variety and cultivar both play an important role in the final flavor profile and potential benefits. For example, Tamika plants may contain more caffeine than Chinese plants. Next, some varieties will have a more intense green color than others, some may be more pest-resistant, and others may be sweeter.

  Harvest time

  Tea can be harvested several times a year. The best green teas are harvested in early spring and early summer, but sometimes in fall or even winter. The freshest green tea is always harvested in the spring, with some exceptions, such as the leaves of the best matcha, which are usually harvested a little later.

  Today, green tea is produced in many tea-producing countries, but still not as frequently as black tea. The only country that produces more green tea than black tea in Japan.

  green tea varieties

  Green tea is made from the camellia plant. There are different varieties of tea tree plants, but the tea tree and the tea tree are most commonly used to make green tea. These varieties can also be divided into thousands of varieties. Each breed will have special characteristics, and some can be very different. One variety can be used to make different types of tea, including green and black. Also, one type of tea can be made from different varieties. For example, a popular Chinese Biluochun tea can be made from different tea trees. The varieties grown in Yunnan Province are usually different from those produced in Jiangsu.

  While it is not possible to list all types of green tea, the most popular types can be mentioned. The most popular green teas still come from China and Japan, which are the easiest to sort. Other green teas, such as those from India or Sri Lanka, will often have the name of the tea plantation rather than the type. This means that I will have as many types as tea gardens are producing green tea.