Quality Identification Of China Green Tea

Update:20 Aug 2021

  The quality of China green tea is quite different, which can be identified according to its appearance, brewed tea soup and leaf bottom.

  Fresh China green tea and Old China green tea: The appearance of fresh China green tea is bright green and shiny, with strong tea flavor; The brewed tea soup has green color, faint scent, orchid fragrance, cooked chestnut fragrance, etc. The taste is sweet and refreshing, and the bottom of the leaves is bright and green.

  The appearance of the old China green tea is yellow and dull, and the aroma is low. For example, the tea leaves are yellow and dry in wet places, and they smell cold; The brewed tea soup is dark yellow in color, mellow in taste but not refreshing, and the bottom of the leaves is old and yellow but not bright.

  Spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea: the shape of spring tea leaves are strong and full, the color is dark green and moist, and the strings are tight and heavy; The brewed tea soup has strong flavor, mellow and refreshing taste, strong aroma and soft and bright leaf bottom.

  The shape of summer tea is thick and loose, with mixed colors and distinct leaves and buds; The brewed tea soup tastes astringent, leaves are hard, veins are exposed, and copper-green leaves are mixed.

  The shape of autumn tea is tight and thin, with many silk ribs, light weight and green color; The brewed tea soup is light in color, mild in taste, slightly sweet, light in aroma, soft in leaf bottom and multi-copper-colored.

  Alpine China green tea and Flat China green tea: Alpine China green tea is thick, green and shiny; The brewed tea soup has bright green color, strong taste, bright leaf bottom and soft leaf quality.

  The flat China green tea is thin, exposed, light and yellow-green; The brewed tea soup is light in color, insipid in aroma, mellow in taste, hard in leaf quality and exposed in vein.