Black Tea Brewing Method And Tasting Method

Update:13 Aug 2021

  Generally speaking, before drinking black tea, no matter which method you use, you must prepare tea utensils, such as kettle, tea cup, tea cup, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to use clean water and wash it again and again to avoid contamination.

  How to brew black tea

  Put the tea into the cup: Usually, only 3-5 grams of black tea or 1-2 bags of tea are put in each cup as needed. If it is cooked in a pot, put the tea into the pot according to the proportion of tea and water.

  Cooking tea with water: Wait for the tea to be poured into the cup, and then pour it into the boiling water. If it is a high-end black tea, a white porcelain cup is suitable for observing its color. Under normal circumstances, the water is filled to 8 points. If you use a pot to cook, you should boil the water first, and then add the tea ingredients.

  How to taste and drink

  Usually 3 minutes after brewing, black tea will smell its aroma first, and then observe its soup color. This practice is especially popular in drinking high-end black tea. As far as low-grade tea is concerned, there are generally very few smells and colors. When the hot and cold tea soup is moderate, you can drink it and taste it, then you can toast and taste it. Especially drinking high-end black tea, tea drinkers need to work hard on the word, sip slowly, taste the mellow taste of black tea, comprehend the true interest of drinking black tea, and gain the spirit in the careful tasting and appreciation sublimation. If you drink black tea as a bar tea, you can generally brew 2-3 times. In the case of broken black tea, it is usually brewed only once, and the taste will fade after the second brewing.