Taste Different Teas Throughout The Year

Update:09 Apr 2021

  Tea is a natural drink. Compared with those carbonated drinks, it has a good health effect. Tea-drinkers can taste different teas throughout the year. They can choose the appropriate tea according to their living environment and local climatic conditions, and drink tea scientifically and reasonably. There are different tea-drinking customs and favorite teas in different places. Scientific tea drinking can also be adjusted and modified according to the changes of the four seasons and tea attributes.

  In spring, the temperature starts to warm, rain is heavy, and humidity is high. It is better to drink scented tea or chunmee tea, which is good for distributing the cold evil that accumulates in the body in winter and promoting the growth of yang.

  In summer, the climate is very hot, suitable for drinking green tea. Because of the bitter cold nature of green tea, it can relieve heat and heat, and promote the production of fluid in the mouth, which is beneficial to digestion. It is also suitable for drinking white tea in summer, which has the functions of invigorating the stomach, refreshing, and reducing fever.

  In autumn, the weather starts to cool down. It is ideal for drinking green tea with moderate fermentation and flatness, or yellow tea with sultry yellow fermentation. The taste of green tea is between green and black tea. It is neither cold nor hot. It can eliminate the residual heat in the body and restore body fluid. It can also be mixed with green and black tea.

  In winter, when the weather is cold, it is better to choose sweet and warm black tea. You can also drink oolong tea with a heavier fermentation level. Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, as well as helping digestion and degreasing.

  You can taste different teas throughout the year. Of course, you have to decide according to your physical condition and physiological period. You can choose a tea that suits you according to your hobbies, but people with deficiency of the spleen and stomach or people who are in a special period should drink tea with caution.