What Goes With Black Tea To Drink More Beautiful Skin

Update:16 Apr 2021

  Black tea is a kind of mild tea, with poor gastrointestinal conditions. People with cold constitution can drink black tea to have a good health care effect. Similarly, black tea also has a good skin-beautifying effect, and if black tea is paired with other substances If you drink it, the skin beautification effect will be better.

  Matching 1. Black tea + citrus peel; black tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have the function of resisting ultraviolet rays, while citrus peel has the effect of increasing cancer resistance. Therefore, drinking black tea and citrus peel together can not only be beautiful Skin, but it can also fight cancer.

  Pairing 2. Black tea + lemon; black tea is warm and contains a variety of beneficial substances to the human body. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C. Drinking black tea with lemon will increase the absorption of vitamin C by the body on the one hand, and improve blood pressure and ease the other side. nerve.

  Matching 3. Black tea + yogurt; black tea can resist ultraviolet rays, and yogurt has the effect of whitening skin, so drinking black tea and yogurt together is especially suitable for drinking after sunburn. It can not only remove the residual ultraviolet rays on the face more effectively, and drink it for a long time. It can also whiten and rejuvenate the skin.

  The above three kinds of black tea matching methods not only taste very good but also have a very good skin-beautifying and skin-care effect. Those who want to drink delicious beverages and want to get beautiful skin should not miss it.