The Benefits Of Drinking Black Tea For A Long Time On The Stomach

Update:01 Jul 2022

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  Black tea is a "master" for nourishing the stomach. It is warm in nature, low in tea polyphenols, and less irritating to the gastric mucosa. This is the most stomach-friendly tea. People with stomach problems are suitable for long-term drinking, and it is also suitable for people with a cold constitution and stomach cold, which has a protective effect on the stomach.

  For patients with stomach problems, drinking black tea has certain benefits. Black tea is a kind of fermented tea, which has the effect of regulating qi and stomach, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. After fermentation, some chemical substances will be converted, reducing the stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the temperature, and greatly improving the effect of nourishing and nourishing the stomach. It can improve the symptoms of gastritis such as stomach pain, indigestion, loss of appetite, and other symptoms caused by deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

  Gastritis patients can drink a cup of black tea every day, which has a good effect on improving stomach problems. However, it should be noted that black tea is not suitable for cold drinks, it will affect the effect of warming the stomach, and it may also reduce the nutrients due to the long storage time. Drinking black tea can add some milk, which has a better anti-inflammatory and protective effect on the gastric mucosa.

  However, although black tea warms the stomach and nourishes the stomach, the effect of black tea cannot be overstated. After drinking black tea for a year, the stomach problem is cured. This statement is not entirely correct. Tea is not a medicine. Drinking it alone will not cure any disease. To treat stomach problems, you must first adjust your diet, cooperate with the application of stomach-nourishing drugs for a conditioning treatment, and then insist on drinking black tea, so those stomach problems can be cured quickly.

  In addition, it should be noted that during a stomach attack, tea contains more caffeine, especially Pu'er tea and black tea. For people with hyperacidity or gastric ulcers, drinking tea will dilute gastric juice, which is not conducive to digestion, and may also cause acid reflux and even worsen the condition. Therefore, be careful about drinking tea during a stomach attack.