What Tea To Drink In Summer

Update:08 Jul 2022

 It's hot! Looking at the soaring temperature value every day, enjoying the high-temperature warning and my intimate care, this day is simply impossible! It is said that a calm mind is naturally cool, but how can I calm my restless heart on a 38-degree day?

  Tea is being remembered by more people at this time, so the question is, which tea has the best effect of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat?

  Mulberry leaf tea is our favorite holy product to cool off the heat. The mulberry leaf tea produced from the old road of the Yellow River not only has historical tranquility and calmness but also makes people feel calm when looking at it. Not only can it help you get through the hot summer, but it also has excellent health benefits!

  Green tea is also a must for cooling off. Green tea is fresh and refreshing, the tea fragrance is light and elegant, and the light tea soup gives people a sense of calmness. Green tea has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, losing weight, and clearing the fat. It is a must-have tea for resisting high temperatures in summer.

  The collocation is also very important. A reasonable collocation can not only make the taste of tea more fragrant and refreshing but also exert the effect of preventing heatstroke from 1+1 to more than 2. Let us recommend a few heat-relief partners suitable for drinking tea. Remember Shake before drinking~

  1. Cool and cool flowers, jasmine, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, and lotus are the perfect match for summer heat tea. According to your taste, add some flowers to the tea, not only look good but also taste very good.

  2. Adding three or four ebony plums to the tea soup can not only dissipate heat and relieve summer heat, quench thirst and promote body fluid, but also taste great together with sweet and sour plums and fragrant tea soup. 3. Mint leaves Cool mint needless to say that it is a must for summer. Add a few pieces of mint to the tea soup, and you will find the coolness blowing.

  4. Green tea 3505 plus lotus leaf relieves summer heat and widens the chest, promotes body fluid and quenching thirst and reduces lipids. It's also a good idea to collect some lotus leaves from sparing while traveling in the summer.