What Is The Best Way To Make Chinese Green Tea?

Update:22 Oct 2021

  Chinese green tea is the tea that people drink more in their lives. In the eyes of many people, Chinese green tea can only be drink two teas for the first time, and it will not taste much after a few times. Is this statement correct? What is the best way to make Chinese green tea? Let's take a closer look together!

  In fact, in most cases, 3-4 bubbles of tea are the best to drink, because at this time the tea has been unfolded, and the substances in the tea can be fully released.

  In fact, every tea brew is good, because the taste is cumulative, and every bite has a different tea taste.

  For the question of the best way to make Chinese green tea, in summary, we can get the answer. If you want to know more tea information, you may as well pay attention to our website, we will continue to update you with more exciting information!