Who Is Longjing Tea Suitable For?

Update:18 Jun 2021

  Longjing tea is representative of green tea, so it is better to drink Longjing tea in summer. In addition to the season, everyone is more concerned about who is suitable for drinking. Who can not drink Longjing tea? In addition, who is Longjing tea suitable for?

  1. Don't drink Longjing tea during menstruation, it will cause the iron in food to be difficult to absorb.

  2. Do not drink Longjing tea during pregnancy, which will burden the heart and kidneys of pregnant women.

  3. Do not drink Longjing tea during breastfeeding, which will cause the milk to be secreted and the children will have no milk to eat.

  4. Do not drink Longjing tea during menopause, it will cause insomnia.

  5. People with a bad stomach can't drink Longjing tea, which will cause flatulence.

  6. Patients with insomnia should not drink Longjing tea, because drinking tea is refreshing, so drinking it will only aggravate insomnia.

  7. People with constipation can't drink Longjing tea. Drinking strong tea can easily cause constipation. Friends who don't want constipation are still drunk.

  8. People with a fever can't drink Longjing tea, because you will take medicine if you have a fever. If you drink Longjing tea at this time, it will only reduce the efficacy of the medicine.

  9. Patients with urinary stones should not drink Longjing tea. If you drink a lot of it, it will aggravate your condition.

  Longjing tea is suitable for anyone to drink

  1. Suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, people who eat too much greasy food, and those who are drunk.

  2. People who smoke and drink too much for a long time, have a fever, thirst, headache, dizziness, trouble urinating, and eating too much milk food are also suitable for eating.