Zhenan Green Tea Factory Teaches You How To Drink Tea Healthy

Update:11 Jun 2021

  Tea can’t be drunk indiscriminately. Tea can maintain health, but you must know how to drink tea to maintain health. Not knowing how to drink tea will not only fail to maintain health, but it may also have negative effects. Today, Zhenan Green Tea Factory will give you a health talk. Three principles of drinking tea.

  Tea is a traditional health drink. Not only does it taste good, but it is also a great enjoyment in life. The following Zhenan Green Tea Factory tells you the three principles of healthy tea drinking:

  Principles of healthy tea drinking 1. Drinking tea depends on the time. The tea that is suitable for drinking is different every morning, day, and night. For example, black tea is suitable for drinking in the morning. Black tea is fermented tea and is relatively mild. Therefore, drinking black tea in the morning will not stimulate the body that has not fully recovered; It is suitable for green tea during the day to refresh the mind; drinking oolong tea at night is suitable for digestion without affecting the quality of sleep at night.

  Principles of healthy tea drinking 2. Drinking tea depends on the region. The so-called one side of water and soil nurtures one side of people, the customs and food culture of each place are different. Generally speaking, you should drink what kind of tea locally, which is more good for your health, such as in Guangdong, Fujian, etc. Local people like to drink oolong tea, while people in minority areas like to drink brick tea.

  Principles of healthy tea drinking 3. Drinking tea depends on physical fitness. Everyone’s physique is different. There are those with body heat and those with a cold body. For example, people with body heat are suitable for drinking green tea, people with poor gastrointestinal conditions are suitable for black tea, scented tea when in a bad mood, and oolong tea for indigestion.