What Is Gunpowder Tea?

Update:06 Aug 2021

  As the name suggests, gunpowder tea offers almost unparalleled mouth-watering taste and amazing health benefits.

  gunpowder tea has been made and enjoyed for more than a thousand years, and its popularity continues to increase greatly from now on. However, a great mystery revolves around the origin of gunpowder tea; from the overall history of gunpowder tea to its already well-known name.

  So, after centuries of consumption, why is gunpowder tea famous again? Why is there so little knowledge about this truly wonderful beer even though it is widely praised around the world?

  Before brewing, its unique and somewhat strange appearance, there is no wrong Chinese gunpowder tea. It is made of tea leaves and sprouts, which are rolled into small round pellets, similar to the lead pellets used in early muskets.

  In China, gunpowder tea is called ‘zhūchá’, which means ‘pearl tea’ or ‘gunpowder tea’. It is alleged that its English name comes from a British port clerk who once described the pre-cooked appearance of this tea that looked like gunpowder.

  However, there are other lesser-known theories related to the name of tea, such as "fresh brew" derived from Mandarin. In the correct dialect, the phrase "freshly brewed" sounds like the English word "gunpowder."

  Finally, someone suggested that the name of gunpowder tea comes from the "crack" sound it produces during brewing, similar to the sound of a rifle. Whether there is the truth behind these stories is a subject full of controversy. However, the name has remained the same for centuries, although there is still a mysterious veil of mystery so far!