People With Heavy Moisture Are Suitable To Drink Chunmee Tea

Update:15 Jul 2021

  Some people are fat and have a poor gastrointestinal function during class. Most of them are due to too much moisture in the body. This physique is mostly due to the delicious pasta, meat, and other foods that retain moisture. The main pathogenesis of this physique is the low viscera function, the obstruction of the body's water, valley, and body fluid transport and transformation functions, and the long-term accumulation of certain metabolites in the body. Although there are many specific reasons, intemperance in the diet is still the culprit, including bulimia, not eating on time, unreasonable combination of diet, and eating regardless of morning and evening, etc.

  If people with heavy moisture want to improve their physique, the best way is to drink tea. Drinking tea is a diuretic, and diuresis is great for removing dampness. Tea can also produce fluid in the mouth and tongue. People with heavy dampness have a lot of phlegm, which is always blocked in the throat. The biggest function of tea is to produce fluid and moisturize the throat. Drinking tea can also refresh the throat.

  There are so many kinds of Chinese tea, green, red, black, blue, white, and yellow. The best dehumidification effect is chunmee tea, which is the most natural tea. Because chunmee tea is not fermented, it means that it has not been oxidized. It retains the original taste of fresh leaves to the greatest extent. Almost all the caffeine, tea polyphenols, and other ingredients in the tea are retained. Therefore, if you are of a damp physique, you might as well drink chunmee tea. Dongting Biluochun, West Lake Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng, etc. are all delicious chunmee teas.

  Chunmee tea is cold, so it is not advisable to drink too much or for a long time. Once your physique improves, you should choose to drink other teas. You'd better make a cup of tea of ​​about 3 grams about 1 hour after meals. Even if you are addicted to tea, it is recommended not to drink chunmee tea, because most people with heavy dampness have poor spleen and stomach functions. Of course, you can also choose oolong tea, black tea, and other teas that warm and nourish the stomach. Although their dehumidification effect is not as good as chunmee tea, long-term drinking is still effective. If you love the fresh taste of scented tea, you can also drink jasmine tea, because chunmee tea is used as a base for scented tea, which has a good diuretic effect.

  Physical characteristics

  To judge whether a person is healthy, it is important to see whether his complexion is ruddy. People with heavy humidity generally have a pale yellow complexion, which is similar to the color of ginger, and the color around the tip of the nose and the lips are more obvious. In addition, there are also thin and white tongue coatings, which may be white or yellow, or even gray and black. Regardless of the color, the common feature of the tongue of people with heavy moisture is that the entire tongue is greasy and covered with saliva. Their gastrointestinal function is not very good, so they like to hiccup and eat too much wet and greasy. Therefore, their stomachs always feel bulging and their saliva is not very refreshing. They always feel that there is sputum stuck in their throats and cannot come out. Women are even more terrible. Leucorrhea is greasy and sticky. Not only are there many, but also the color is wrong. There is no normal white, green, red, or yellow.