How To Make Chunmee Tea

Update:08 Apr 2022

  Chunmee tea is a green tea drink suitable for all ages. After brewing, the soup color is bright yellow and green, the aroma is high and long, with chestnut aroma, the taste is mellow and refreshing, and the bottom of the leaves is green and even. Nice tea. Let's take a look at how to make chunmee tea.

  1. The ratio of tea to water is roughly 1:50, that is, 150 ml of water, and about 3 grams of dry tea is used.

  2. Do not use 100-degree boiling water for brewing, generally, 85 degrees is appropriate (the water is boiled and cooled slightly), so that the brewed tea soup can be bright in color, mellow and sweet.

  3. The number of brewing times should not exceed three times. One leaching of soluble substances is about 50%; the second leaching is about 30%; the third time is about 10%.

  4. When brewing chunmee tea, it is better to use the "up-casting method". That is, pour 85-degree boiling water into the cup first, and then take the tea and put it in. If you use a glass cup, you will see: some tea leaves are sinking straight, some tea leaves are hovering and slowing down, and some leaves are floating up and down, stretching and swimming. This process is called the "tea dance". . Soon, the dry tea absorbs enough water and gradually spreads the leaves, showing a bud and a leaf, and the water vapor on the soup surface rises with the tea fragrance.