Is It Good For The Elderly To Drink China Green Tea?

Update:23 Jul 2021

  Elderly people pay more attention to health preservation. It is true that in old age, health needs more attention. Drinking tea is also a way of health preservation. So, is there any benefit for the elderly to drink tea? Next, the editor of will explain it to you, let's take a look.

  Is there any benefit for the elderly to drink tea?

  Tea is good for the brain of the elderly. There are two substances in tea that are very beneficial to the brain and can effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease. A study of 2031 people between the ages of 70 and 74 found that people who often drink tea are more flexible in thinking than those who do not drink tea often.

  Tea enhances memory. Theanine and EGCG are inseparable from improving memory. A Korean study found that China green tea extract and L-theanine can improve memory in patients with mild cognitive impairment. Studies on EGCG mice have shown that EGCG helps memory by increasing the productivity of new brain cells.

  It is beneficial to have better mental health. Drinking tea is an effective factor in improving overall mental health. 42093 Japanese took the population test. This study found that drinking China green tea is closely related to fewer mental illnesses and disorders. A study of 1,058 Japanese elderly people also proved the positive effects of drinking tea. In the treatment of schizophrenia, theanine also relieves symptoms such as anxiety to a certain extent.

  Raise awareness. Tea contains caffeine, which makes people sober, and tea contains theanine. This amino acid only exists in tea and can affect people's mental state. Although I have very few solutions to theanine versus caffeine, many studies have shown that theanine is related to improving cognitive ability.